Are you looking to buy the ideal house or land but can’t yet afford it? This holiday season comes with amazing property deals that might just be within your budget. With Easter upon us, some of our trusted property developers and agents are offering jaw-dropping deals so you too can purchase that house or piece of land you’ve been yearning for.

From price slashes to car giveaways, these deals are quite the catch. Who doesn’t love a sweet deal? Hurry and snag the amazing property deals up for grabs this holiday season below. Happy Easter!

  1. Do You Believe In Miracles?

    If you’re celebrating Easter, then you obviously do. But how about something less supernatural like what Emerald Properties is offering? With only $60,000, you can be the proud owner of a 2 bedroom semi-detached house within the Solé Lagoon gated community. If you’re a small family looking for a home away from the chaos of Accra with lots of open spaces and a healthy connection to nature, Solé Lagoon View Estates at Prampram is for you. . There’s more: Purchase one of these units and get a gorgeous Suzuki Alto 800 for free!

    Excited? Visit Emerald Properties’ page ASAP to redeem this offer!

  2. Land Has Never Looked This Good!

    Easter Deal
    “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” is an age-old counsel by Mark Twain and a good one too. While it has been contested from some angles, it remains solid advice. If like us, you agree, CBC Properties has just the thing for you. Buy plots of land at Dawhenya, East Legon Hills, Prampram, Appolonia and Burma Hills at discounts ranging from 15% up to 25%!

    These locations within the Greater Accra region are fast developing into hot property areas and their value is bound to go up in the near future. Be the smart investor and take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. Promo runs until 30th April.

    Contact CBC Properties to redeem this offer!

  3. Easter Showroom Sell Off

    Have you ever walked into a showroom complete with furniture and wondered if you could live in it just as it is? Here’s your chance to make that a reality. Clifton Homes is selling off their stunning 3-bedroom showroom at The Gallery at an incredible 20% discount! The property is being sold for $210k (or $230k if a payment plan is required) including existing furnishings (living room, kitchen and master bedroom). The property is available and ready for handover and presents a great chance for a buy-to-let investor to start making immediate high yield returns in one of Ghana’s most iconic developments.

    Act fast and contact Clifton Homes to book a viewing!


  4. It’s 20% On The House 

    East Legon Hills is fast becoming one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods to own a home in Accra. Developments such as schools, restaurants and shopping centres are springing up faster than you can blink and it won’t be long before East Legon Hills becomes one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Accra. Purchase one of the stunning three bedroom houses at East Legon Hills this Easter at a 20%  discount. The three-bedroom house is selling for $150,000 and comes with Italian porcelain tiles and kitchen marble top finishings, an open plan living and dining area and all the requisite amenities of a wonderful home for any family.

    This 20% discount lasts until the end of April. Don’t be a snail, check out the three-bedroom East Legon Hills home or contact MnC Properties today to claim this offer!


  5. Discounts on Everything

    All the deals we’ve listed so far are for specific properties and that’s quite the bummer if you’d rather redeem discounts on other properties. Not to worry, Canal Realty has just the thing for you. Choose from their collection of lands, luxurious townhouses and apartments spread across Accra and get 5% off, no questions asked! It gets even better, this promotion runs till the 1st of May. That’s enough time to thoroughly examine the upscale homes Canal Realty has for sale.

    Visit Canal Realty now to see available options and buy that dream home.

Sweet property deals don’t come along very often so whenever they do, it’s such a delight to make the best of it. These deals are quite the steal and we encourage house seekers to claim them. Let us know in the comments which of these deals most excites you and more importantly, which ones you absolutely will redeem. Happy holidays!

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