If you’ve studied a bit of Economics, you should have come across the law of demand and supply. Applying this to real estate, we will say prices of houses are so high because there are too many people and few houses. Although this is true, East Legon is one of the areas in Ghana known for its particularly high prices. We have put together East Legon’s shocking home prices that are the talk of the town now based on comments received from visitors on the MeQasa platform.

Just before we dive in, East Legon is one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Accra. This is because it boasts of many gorgeous homes that include state-of-the-art-apartments and impressive mansions. Living in Accra East Legon is not only just luxury but convenient, as it is 10 minutes from the Accra Mall, 20 minutes from Kotoka International Airport and bordered by the Tema motorway, Spintex and the Legon-Madina road.

The prices of these East Legon homes will probably get you wondering how many more years you have left on earth to save, in order to own one of these, if you are a “hand-to-mouth” boy or girl.


East Legon Property Image 1

Did I hear you say Dubai? No, this isn’t Dubai. This luxurious 6 bedroom house is located in a serene environment in East Legon. Nothing screams luxury louder than the Arabian inspired architecture of this house and careful placement of palms around it. And oh for $2,000,000, you could be the next owner of this home.


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East Legon Property Image 2

This alluring ultra-modern 4 bedroom house in East Legon is a thing of beauty. It has a 2 bedroom boys quarters, Marble and parquet tiled flooring, Italian (sound proof, burglar proof) windows and a fibreglass swimming pool in addition. Yes, fibreglass! This doesn’t come cheap. It costs $1,800,000 to be the next owner of this house.



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East Legon Property Image 3

Conveniently developed on a 0.62-acre parcel of land within the third phase of the Trassaco Valley is this plush 5 bedroom executive two-storey mansion. The beautiful finishing of this house will definitely leave you breathless. Almost all finishes in this house are to a high standard and include gypsum finish ceilings, tiled finish over cement, marble flooring and porcelain flooring. This 5 bedroom house is going for $1,650,000!

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East Legon Property Image 4

The Greek Revival was an architectural movement of the late 18th century. Up until today, its influence can be seen in Northern Europe and the United States. This beautiful Greek-inspired building is located in a conducive environment in East Legon, Trassaco Valley. The building features 6 luxurious bedrooms all ensuite with a 2 bedroom boys quarters, 2 study room and a swimming pool. As a result of all this beauty, you will have to pay $1,400,000 to own this house.

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East Legon Property Image 5

If you have a more modern taste, you will absolutely love this one. This beautiful  4-bedroom eco home in East Legon sits on two huge plots. It has a very modern design, very chic and upscale for the perfect luxury lifestyle. Kids especially enjoy living in this house because of the tree house located on the compound. The huge rooftop terrace in this home offers an ideal spot for throwing those luxurious “Kardashian” parties. This will definitely reduce your savings by $1,400,000.

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East Legon Property Image 6

First of all, when old meets modern architectural design, beautiful homes like this come to life. This 5 bedroom house comes complete with a living room, a welcoming kitchen and dining area, two garages and a boys quarters perfect for a modern family. For $1,300,000, you could own this building in one of Ghana’s most prestigious address – East Legon, Trasacco Valley.

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East Legon Property Image 7

The peace of the beautifully mowed lawn with this 6 bedroom edifice rising from within is stunning. The design plan of this 2-storey house is exquisitely designed to cater for small to big family size. If you love space, gardens, enough rooms, then you know which property you should be saving towards. Make sure your savings hit $1,300,000 before 31st of December for inflation might not be your friend in 2018.

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has definitely not seen these properties in East Legon. To understand why these properties in East Legon are so expensive, this piece on East Legon has all the answers.

See you all on the other side, when we are rich and can afford these homes. Meanwhile, as you save towards your dream home, you can also check out these budget properties for rent in East Legon on MeQasa.