Choosing the best colours for your home decor. Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Colours are a direct reflection of our personality. They influence mood and thought. It’s best to take your time when choosing.  Consider the emotion you want to evoke when people enter your room. Without much ado, here are our thoughts on the types of colours to choose for the various rooms in your home

  1. Kitchen: The kitchen is the workshop for our meals. Bright colours like red, yellow and white, capture nature in its glory thus increasing appetite. However, using too much of a particular colour can be bad.
  2. Living RoomFor a place where family comes together, the lively feeling yellow, orange, light blue, white among others, creates and provides the right atmosphere for any activity.
  3. Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Dull colours are considered relaxing and best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms. Then again, bright colours can be used to give that happy, energized feeling in the mornings. Lighter shades of blue and green create a natural look helping people relax. Combining the refreshing quality of blue, the cheerfulness of yellow and a touch of green brings magic to you.
  4. Dining Rooms: Purple is associated with luxury and creativity while red is noted for its boldness and black gives depth. These, in dark hues, create a dramatic and sophisticated look. Blend these colours together with a little white or grey and you will love what you get.
  5. Ceilings: Our ceilings also matter but it often gets nothing more than a coat of white paint. Think of something beyond white but bear in mind that the colour you choose can make the room look bigger or smaller. So, choose a colour that suits the visual impression you want to create.

Choosing colours for your home is personal, after all, you are the one going to have to live with the choices made. Make sure to choose ones that suit you, your family and your lifestyle.