How to Choose the Best Paint Types and Colours for Your Living Room
Painting your living room is a way of covering marks on the walls, at the same time adding an aesthetic appeal to space. As it is commonly known in Ghana, the living room is the meeting place for family and friends, thus most homeowners pay critical attention to it.

Of course, if you wish to change the look of your living room space, it is imperative you paint it. Here are a few criteria and guidelines to help you select colours for your living room.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Paint Colours in Ghana

  • Colour Mood and Their Psychological Effects


    ghana painting living room colour moods meaning

    Colour Meaning

    There are over 10 million different colours in the world. So, how do you select what you want or like? One way of selecting a colour is choosing those which will reflect the mood of the space. These factors can be influenced by your understanding of colour.

    And also as described by many psychologists: Colour may influence a person’s mental or physical state. Soft, neutral colours like lighter hues of blue, lavender or grey give occupants of the room a soothing feeling and a sense of intimacy, while stronger or warmer colours like yellow, red and orange provide occupants with a cheerful, sociable spirit.

    Very bright colours sometimes make occupants of the space restless; try as much as possible to avoid them, especially if there are children living in the house.
    If you are keen to colour meaning and the psychology of colours, you can check out Feng Shui’s meaning of colours.

  • Use the Colour Wheel

    Then Martian Colour WheelThe colour wheel displays the different colour schemes and their relationship with each other. They also give you a view of the different tints of that colour and which colours go well together.

  • With the wheel, you can choose two colours, for example, red and blue, and the colour wheel provides you with an idea of how that combination will look for your living room.
  • Most colour wheels are based on three primary colours, three secondary colours, and the six intermediates formed by mixing a primary with a secondary, known as tertiary colours, for a total of 12 main divisions; some add more intermediates, for 24 named colours.
  • Other colour wheels, however, are based on the four opponent colours and may have four or eight main colours.
  • Consider the Lighting

    Lighting in the living room is very important. It either provides you with the true hue of the paint colours or adds a different tint to a room.

  • While normal daylight reflects the true colours of the paint, incandescent lighting reflects warmer tones and yellows, and fluorescent light provides sharper blue hues. The light intensity of the room should help you determine which colours fit best.
  • Try Different Paint Techniques

    Try Different Paint Techniques

    Try Different Paint Techniques

    There are different ways of painting the living room wall.  Try out painting certain parts of the wall in colour stripes like the pattern of the zebra. You can also paint out various styles and designs on the wall; they can be grids or other box-like designs.

  • Be Adventurous

    Decide whether you would prefer a single colour hue (monochromatic) or polychromatic colour scheme – two or more colours. You can choose different colours and combine them to give the space a more exciting, unique look. A lot of homeowners prefer the more contemporary style of painting which involves combining two or more colours.

    You can introduce a feature wall – all except one wall is painted white or the walls can be painted white with the exception of one portion. Another adventurous way is painting all the walls white and designing the living room with furniture of a contrasting colour. This painting design will make the colours of the living room stand out.

  • Employ Different Finishing Styles

    There are different kinds of finishing, which can be added after painting a space. Some of this finishing include glossy, semi-gloss and eggshell. These creative finishing add another touch of beauty to the living room.

    Use the techniques above to give your living room space the colourful touch.


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Finding the Best Types of Paints in Ghana

paints in ghana

types paints in ghana

Apart from finding your favourite paint colour, another challenge is finding the best and quality paint for your living room.

Unless you are awarding the painting contract to a professional who might buy the quality paint based on your request, you should be vigilant and observant when selecting the right paint for your self.

This is because there are a lot of fake paints in the market and being ignorant might cost you more in terms of vivid colour and quality. Some paints after drying still stick to the body when leaned on them or might even break in small flakes and fall. To prevent these bad products, you must at least be relevant with the best ones on the market and also the best places to buy these quality paints.

If you are an amateur in regards to painting, the most important thing is knowing the difference between the uses of an oil paint and emulsion paint. Most oil paints are mixed with chemicals like Turpentine or Thinner. Oil paints are used for painting wooden surfaces, metals and to prevent rusting.

oil paint to paint edges of room

oil paint to paint edges of a room

Some painters like to use oil paints to paint on the downside of the room with a line of the oil paint after the emulsion paint has been used. This is to prevent children from dirtying the bottom edges of the living room.

The following list some of the best paint brands.

Note: These brands were selected based on their years of existence in the Ghanaian painting market and their reputation based on the Google user reviews.

In Ghana, some of the best and renowned quality painting brands are:

Different Living Room Colour Painting Designs

The following are our refined and gathered living room painting designs arranged to enable you to select your best.











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