Whether you’re moving into a new home or office, or simply find it’s time to add some pizzazz to your property space with art, it’s exciting to start your journey to collecting artwork. An art piece or three go a long way to liven interiors and prove to be great conversation starters or mementoes for your family in the future. Feeling motivated to start but wondering how to go about selecting your very first art piece? These 5 tips will help smoothen out the process of purchasing something you will love.

  1. Discover your taste and decide what you like

meQasa - African Art PieceThere’s no right and wrong with art. That’s the beauty of it. There are so many talented artists from across the globe with different styles, from abstract to African to contemporary art. They use various mediums like canvas, film and paper and also very interesting tools from charcoal to threads and beads. For your first art piece, what’s important is that you pick something that speaks to you; taps into your personality and energy; or makes you smile. As you start to work towards buying some art, open yourself up to the world of creativity – visit some art galleries and museums; dip into some décor stores and even speak to a few artists. Pay attention to what draws you in to define your taste.

  1. Budget

We’ve all seen them. Those art pieces that look like elementary school kid paint strokes on a canvas. And it costs… how much?! Yup – some art is insanely pricey. Your first art purchase is likely not an investment buy. Though you want to make a quality artwork purchase, it doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Whichever way, decide how much you want to spend. Once you settle on a number, accept you may go over and know that it’s perfectly okay if you absolutely are in love with it! Life is too short.

  1. What’s your flavour?

meQasa Watercolour ArtArt comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures…It explores various subjects from people to places to things or the abstract. As you spend time with art you’ll start to settle on your preferences. Do you want a life-sized photograph? A watercolour drawing? A lovely oil painting? Have a thing for sharp colours or soft pastels? Think neutral colours or black & white is neat? Decide what is more your style and then make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor so you avoid committing these horrendous decor faux-pas!

  1. Size does matter

Small, medium, large or extra-large, there are gorgeous artworks of all dimensions. Before you go out shopping, decide where in your home or office you plan to put your art piece and be sure to measure. Jot the dimensions in your phone so you have it handy when you head to the gallery or art store. It sucks to fall in love with a piece, haul it home and then realise it doesn’t fit where you intended for it.

  1. Take your time

You want to buy wall art you adore. One that makes you excited to tell the story behind your selection. When you enter your first store, don’t feel pressured to settle for something. Slow down. Breathe. Walk around. Stare. Go to a different art gallery. Come back a different day. It’s going to forever be your first and that needs to be special.

meQasa Home Art Collection


Once you have this one up on the wall, don’t end there. It’s just the start, so, on to the next and the next. Add to your art collection and to your property’s décor, infusing it with your tastes, your personality, your love, and your style through your choice of art. Even if it’s just a house or apartment for rent, you want to make sure it feels like home and art does just that.