If you are in Ghana for the holidays, you may be interested in this list of budget Christmas get-away locations in Ghana that we put together. It is the season to get away from work, spend some time with the family and bond over celebratory meals and drinks. This time of the year is filled with a lot of fun activities and the big cities are usually choked with people who have made the great migration from smaller towns and villages. We have carefully put together a list of places you should definitely visit this Christmas to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


White Sands Beach Resort & Spa

The White Sands Beach Resort and Spa is spread across 60 hectares of the tropical garden which combines luxury and exclusivity in a delightful and exotic manner. The tropical garden has exotic plants & trees brought in from 9 different countries with a private beach, clubhouse, restaurants & bars, tennis court, and helipad. At White Sands, nature heightens the senses, giving guests an increased awareness of the profusion of this sanctuary dotted with flowering trees, gorgeous tropical flowers, canopied pathways, orchid alleys and peaceful ponds that envelope guests creating a heightened sense of awareness and profound relaxation.

The resort is tucked snuggly between the ocean and the bird sanctuary of the Kako Lagoon while the beach club is separated from the resort by the village of Gomoa Fetteh on the one side and the exuberant lively fishermen on the other. The White Sands Beach Resort and Spa blend African charm with culture and tradition. This is demonstrated in the care taken to preserve and include the beauty of the natural environment in the planning and execution of this resort. 

At White Sands Beach Resort and Spa, guests are offered a new culinary experience that is exotic yet familiar – flavors extracted from countries around the tropical belt to the Mediterranean. 

The success of White Sands is the people who make it happen. Their staff from eight countries contribute to their tradition to enhance the comfort of their guests. The emphasis on seclusion in this tropical yet undiscovered lavish sanctuary offers a special blend of emotional comfort known as the White Sands experience. At White Sands, you are far away from the city noise, television set, telephone system, and other media materials.

The village of Nzulezu in the western region of Ghana is built on stilts over a lagoon. Nzulezu is an Nzema word meaning ‘surface of water’. The village is a unique tourist destination because of its peculiar history and disconnect from modern pleasures. The village is not connected to electricity and for a source of light in the night, villages use a lantern, flashlight or rechargeable lamps to move about. Almost every house in Nzulezu owns a boat as it is the primary means of transportation. The village boasts of a school, church, hotel, restaurant, and bar.


One of the things to look forward to is actually the journey to get there. After driving for as far as is possible, there is a 45-minute canoe ride through narrow channels, series of marshes, a large swamp forest and open pools rich with wildlife, including crocodiles, egret, heron, and kingfishers. This natural area has been designated as an Important Bird Area based on criteria from Birdlife International. 

Whiles at Nzulezu, there are a number of nearby attractions that will complete the experience for you. You can visit the Ankasa Nature Reserve which is a rainforest environment that records very high levels of rainfall in Ghana. A lot of birds and monkeys are also seen on the canoe trip to Nzulezu during the rainy season. 


Maaha Beach Resort

Do you fancy a private beach resort at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean with free WiFi throughout the property? Then the Maaha Beach Resort is for you! A wonderful blend of architecture where old Nzema architecture meets contemporary design. Think memorable walks on the beach, historic nostalgia, amazing food and drinks, million-dollar views of the ocean, cool dips in the pool, a game of lawn tennis or a gym to stay healthy, a cozy cinema and whatever tickles your fantasy. All of this and more is what you get with the Maaha Beach Resort. This luxury beach resort is located within the Ellembele District in Ghana’s oil-rich Western Region.

The resort offers English/Irish breakfast with an outdoor restaurant that is open for all meals. All rooms at the resort come with a seating area and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and all units at the Maaha Beach Resort have air conditioning and a desk.

The Beach Resort is the perfect getaway for leisure located within the rich oil and gas hub of Ghana which shares a border with Cote D’Ivoire and is immersed in Ghana’s diverse culture, historical sites, arts, and crafts.

Languages spoken at the reception include English and French.

Lou Moon Lodge

Lou Moon Lodge is an exceptionally beautiful and unique boutique beach resort in Ghana’s Western Region, near Axim, one hour from Takoradi. It is built entirely from local materials, with every detail carefully designed to be in harmony with the environment.

Lou Moon Lodge celebrates the extraordinary natural beauty that surrounds it. Based on a large carefully manicured park, the lodge is nestled on the shore of a private beach cove offering rare protection from the ocean waves and creating an idyllic natural swimming pool, safe for all ages to swim in.

Wrapped by a peninsula and dense forest, this beautiful setting creates a rare backdrop of nature at its best. Relax within the lush tropical grounds of the lodge, walk or jog around it, take a seafaring excursion to meet the local fishermen and discover the beautiful coastline of West Africa. With some luck, you may even see some passing whales or orcas.

Lou Moon is the ultimate getaway for tranquillity, natural beauty, and exclusive boutique comfort. Tune out the busyness of daily life, detach from technology, and enjoy time to unwind in this tropical beach paradise.

Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis Beach Resort is located at the Victoria Park in Cape Coast. It is a haven for low-budget travelers as well as working professionals and young families. The beach resort which is about 160km from Accra on the road to Takoradi, was initially built as a restaurant by a German-Turkish couple in 2001 but now also offers accommodation for people who need to sleep over either as a group or “lone ranger”. 

At the Oasis Beach Resort, there are a lot of fun activities to delight yourself in such as swimming in the ocean, surfing and other beach sports, board games, pool billiards, and basketball. You can also join either a drumming group, relax in a nearby spa or simply read your book in a lazy chair or hammock. Nightlife at the Oasis Beach Resort is spectacular with night swimming and then warming up at the beach bonfire. 

For food, the resort serves a wide variety of local as well as international dishes, breakfast, and fresh juices. Enjoy their food in a tropical atmosphere under traditional summer huts next to the Atlantic sea. 

Staying at the Oasis Beach Resort evokes a tranquil ambiance of sleeping in a tent at the beach but with the comfort of a real bed, fan and much more. You will hear the waves breaking and smell the salt! In the morning, you wake up with the sun above the ocean and the singing of fishermen.