Best Type of Property for Young Professionals
It’s certainly great to be young! Although it doesn’t always mean being carefree.  As young professionals who are gradually nurturing careers, chances are you may be looking forward to saving to buy or build your own home. Housing needs differ based on family size, income and the amount of space you need.

So, of all the worries that characterise your mid-twenties and thirties, renting a high priced property that drains your income or having no place of your own is not one more thing you want to worry about. Having your own rental space that you can invite your friends to, personalise to reflect you, and be your hideout when you want to relax depends on choosing the type of property that is just right for you. Here are a few you should consider.

  1. Single Room/Chamber and Hall Units

    Young ProfessionalsIf you are on a low budget, these units are your best bet. They are affordable and a great way to transition into living completely independently. The single room is a 1 room unit and the chamber and hall, a 2 room unit with one serving as a small living room and the other a bedroom. The chamber and hall unit often comes with a small kitchen and bathroom and is referred to as a self-contained chamber and hall. Sometimes, these units share walls or a compound with other tenants.

    Although these are one of the cheapest rental units available, they come with the attendant problems that result from sharing space, especially where single room units are involved. Some of these problems generally include the use and cleaning of bathrooms and other shared facilities.

    As young professionals, combining workplace stress with stress from co-tenants is definitely not a desirable option. If you’ve received an income boost, you should consider upgrading to either a studio apartment or 2 bedroom units to avoid some of these problems.

  2. Studio Apartments

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    Privacy is one of the most important needs of young professionals and a studio apartment provides just the right amount of privacy to fit your budget. Locally known as the “single room self-contained”, the studio apartment is a large 1 room unit that includes a bedroom, kitchenette and small living room in a single space, and also has a bathroom. Most studio apartments are found in apartment complexes and compound houses.

    Those in apartment complexes are usually pricier than those in compound houses. This is because they may have shared facilities like pools or gyms. Like all real estate, the price is always subject to location.  The catch with studio apartments is that when you have visitors coming over, they might not be able to stay in your home since your apartment may get too cramped.

  3. 2 Bedroom Apartments/Houses

    1 or 2 bedroom houses for young professionals

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    These are ideal for young professionals earning a healthy income. If you can afford these, they offer privacy and are roomy enough for you to host other people in your home. Alternatively, you can split your rent with a friend or another person so you can save cost and have additional company to boot.

    These types of property are also referred to as self- contained and may come gated with a sizeable compound that you don’t share with anyone and enough to securely park your car or other vehicles. Sometimes, these apartments may also be on a compound shared with the landlord. If you are a bachelor/bachelorette committed to throwing parties and having a good time, this rental property enables you to live your life away from the prying eyes of other tenants. The great thing about this type of property is that it can easily transition to accommodate a small family should your status change from single to married.

These options are wallet-friendly and give you a place to call home as an up-and-coming professional. Nevertheless, there are different types of rental property available in Ghana that might suit your needs should you find these picks limiting. It is indeed great to be young, vibrant and energetic, so enjoy your youth without huge rental costs by renting a property that suits your needs. has a variety of property options across Ghana from which you can choose and find a place to call home.