Labone is undoubtedly one of the oldest, plush neighborhoods in Accra.  This area is arguably an extension of the much-frequented Osu but is separated by a main road known as the Ring Road, which divides Labone and Osu.

As one of Accra’s prime areas however, Labone is a combination of a residential and commercial area; unlike Osu, Labone generally remains more of residential than a commercial or tourist area.

Labone can be said to have three major entry or access points, which also serve as landmarks and points where people base directions into parts of the neighborhood.

The first entry point into the Labone Neighborhood is an exit from the Ring Road freeway, which starts from the La area and extends to Circle, one of Accra’s central areas. The exit that leads to Labone on this road is popularly know as the Labone Junction, which covers mainly residential areas on the immediate right.  Other institutes such as the Osu Children’s’ Home can be found at this part of Labone and also the Labone Senior High School.  Further down on this road is an Ecobank Branch and the Labone Coffee Shop, which is one of the oldest and popular hangout and landmark. However there are other newer eateries which have sprung up over time such as the Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant and Chase Restaurant.

The second entrance into Labone is along the Cantonments Road, leading to the Danquah Circle, Osu.  This other Labone Junction is located beside the Morning Star School, which is one of Accra’s oldest schools from nursery to junior high level.  Further down the road, to the right from this junction are more residential property with a blend of old-fashioned Ghanaian styled homes and renovations into newer modern styled ones.  Another popular restaurant and mini patisserie, on this road, is Melting Moments which offers Ghanaian and other continental dishes and sweets.  Again on this side of Labone are institutions such as the South African Embassy, a GT Bank branch and Ecobank electronic-banking branch.  Further into this part of Labone are more houses and apartments and also more restaurants like Churcheese, Basilissa and the Le Must French Restaurant and Hinlone Chinese Restaurant.

The Cantonments roundabout, next to the New Hope Autism Center locates the third main access into Labone Neighborhood; this part leads straight to the United States Embassy with an exit to the right into Labone. This section also has more housing areas, institutions like Zenith Bank branch, the Metro T.V. network station and more eateries and hangouts such as Zanzibar, Tante Marie, and the newly opened Bistro 22 Restaurant.This section of Labone also leads to the popular Twist Nightclub and other residential property such as the A.U. Village.

If you’re looking to live in the more placid part of the Accra center with alternate routes and a variety of recreational facilities, complete with schools and other business institutions then you many want to consider the Labone Neighborhood.