Buying property remains a big dream for many house hunters and developers in their quest to attain life goals.

For most individuals, property acquisition is one of their top primary targets in life. Jumia House seeks to enlighten house-hunters and commercial property developers on the requirements for application of development and building permit:

Title certificate

A prospective developer needs to obtain a title certificate and clearance form from the Lands Commission to indicate proof of ownership of the land.

This is seen as the most important step as failure to do so could result in the confiscation of the land in question if it has been found to be acquired without due process. A bigger problem stems from disputes that arise among factions fighting over land and this could end up in court for a number of years.

Architectural drawings / How to Draw building plans for permit

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) demands that an individual produce four copies of structural drawings duly signed by a qualified engineer.

Structural drawings

The AMA demands that a prospective developer produce three copies of structural drawings duly signed by an engineer.

Geotechnical investigation

A prospective developer needs to produce a geotechnical/soil investigation report duly signed by an engineer for a building of a three-storey size upwards. Geotechnical aspect refers to earth matter, namely, minerals, rocks, soil and water.

Structural computations

The need to conduct structural computations on a three-storey building or above that height.

Fire report

A fire report and drawings of a three or above storey building must be certified by the Ghana National Fire Service and presented to the AMA.

EPA Permit

The AMA requires the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or as colloquially called: (The environmental licensing and building permitting division) on the construction of buildings purposed for industrial and commercial developments; places of worship, multiple apartments, etc.



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