The kitchen is a part of the house that most residents love to use. Ranging from grabbing water to getting your morning beverage or cooking that special meal, the kitchen is inarguably one of the most hardworking parts of the house.  A well organised kitchen saves you time, improves functionality and can make a potentially exhausting cooking process more enjoyable.  Reduce chaos and restore order in your kitchen with these tips.

  1. Add cabinets and shelves
Organised kitchen. cabinet


It’s always good to maximise the use of space in your kitchen.  If you have free space on your walls, fixing open shelves and cabinets are a convenient way to utilise the space.  The shelves can be used to store plates, mugs, glasses, pots and many more. In organising the shelves, arrange pans, plates, pots and skillets that are used occasionally at the top and arrange those that are used on a daily basis on the lower shelf so that they are within your reach.



  1. Label spice jars
organised kitchen.labelled spice jars


Most people have designated places where much needed spices and other seasoning for food are stored. Because most spice may have similar colour but different use, it is best to label them clearly. The spices should be at an easily accessible and visible place. For more efficiency, you could arrange your most widely used spice and seasoning like salt, garlic, paprika and many others in the front while the infrequently used ones are placed at the back.  Labelling ingredients enables you to take quick inventory and restock finished ones. It will also make the kitchen easier to use by guests who visit your home.

  1. Install shelf hooks and kitchen racks

Kitchen tools come in so many shapes and forms. If your kitchen is tiny, you don’t want it cluttered with a whole lot of kitchen tools and equipment. Storing these tools in places where they can easily be found is key when organising your kitchen. Usually, hanging basic kitchen tools like ladles, spatulas and many more, on hooks fixed on shelves is a good idea because they can easily be found. A multipurpose kitchen rack may also come in handy if your drawers are full and can be used to store plates, cutlery and mugs that are used on a daily basis.

organised kitchen.shelf hooks


organised kitchen. Kitchen racks

  1. Stow kitchen napkins and towels
organised kitchen.napkins


Napkins are one of the most used items in the kitchen. Therefore, a fresh supply of napkins is always needed.  A whole drawer can be dedicated to storing clean napkins and mittens. It is usually best to employ the shallowest drawers for this purpose since the deeper ones will be used to store larger kitchen items. This way, you know where to go when your napkin gets dirty and you need to replace it.


  1. Keep all your appliances in one space

So much goes on the in the kitchen and in most modern kitchens, there is Organised kitchen-appliancesan appliance for almost every kitchen function. These appliances range from blenders, toasters, coffeemakers, juicers and many more. In order to have an organised kitchen,  create a cabinet or a space where you store all your kitchen appliances so you can easily find them when you need them.


  1. Organise your pantry

    organised kitchen. pantry


Most kitchens have walk-in pantries where pre-packaged items needed for the kitchen are stored. A helpful tip in organising this area is to keep like things together. Group all sauces together, cereals on one shelf, paper towels on another, canned meat/ fish and other similar items together. However remember that once opened, they are to be emptied into plastic containers with well fitted lids and stored in the refrigerator.


  1. Organise your refrigerator
organised kitchen. refrigerator


Refrigerators are central to every kitchen. Organising your fridge will make sure it is always clean and smells fresh. It is advisable to store leftover soups, sauces, milk, and others in transparent bowls or containers with tight lids to avoid spillage and also to keep it well preserved without running the risk of food poisoning. Ensure to store foods at the right temperature to keep them fresh.


organised kitchen.sink cabinets


  1. Organise the sink cabinet

Although, the emphasis is on  creating an organised kitchen, keeping it clean is equally necessary. Most people store kitchen cleaning tools and supplies such as detergents, rags, scrubbing brushes etc. in the sink cabinet.  Be sure to keep the cabinet neat and cleaning tools like mops, brooms and dustbins in good condition.


A well organised kitchen must be clean and free from insects and pests. Always remember to fix all leaky taps and keep the place dry, since moist environments are a good breeding ground for disease causing organisms. After going through these steps, you can relax during cookouts, home parties and family visits because you know your organised kitchen is functional enough to reduce the stress that comes along with such occasions.