Home is where the heart is and for good reason. It’s where we’re most vulnerable and where we truly get to be ourselves and with the ones we cherish and love. For Val’s day, it’s a good idea to avoid crowded spaces and the suffocating faux air of red, chocolate and love that is painfully overhyped by everyone. Why not kick back at home and try something different and super cost effective? Here are 7 Valentine’s Day ideas you can try:

  1. Stay off Social Media

    Stay off social media and focus on each other. It’s best to avoid social media on Val’s day so you’re not distracted and pressured into following the crowd. It helps to unplug and for once, make it all about you. You deserve it.

  2. Decorate the Bedroom

    Have fun switching up the look and feel of your bedroom to reflect each other’s personalities. Choose each other’s favourite colours and home décor pieces and have a go at trying to match styles. Who knows? This might just bring out the top interior designer in you. On the real though, dim the lights, light some scented candles, sprinkle rose petals on the bed, add some throw pillows and blankets, anything that sets the mood.

  3. Netflix and Chill

    Most couples will go to the movies for Val’s Day. With Black Panther opening this weekend in Accra, it probably sounds like a good idea to go see a movie on Val’s day to avoid the masses during the opening. Don’t. Val’s day will be equally if not more, choked. Instead, chill at home with Netflix, YouTube, old classics or a collection of fun, romantic movies. You can grab some drinks and snacks, cuddle with each other while you watch movies, ideally something profound to you.

  4. Candlelit Dinner at Home

    Nothing beats a candlelit dinner on Val’s day. But that’s someone else’s cooking and can easily be bought. Why not show how much you truly care and make it special by fixing your partner a meal? Even better, have fun cooking, tasting and eating what you cook together.

  5. Game Night, Role Playing and a Dance Royale

    So he likes video games and you love board games. How about test each other’s skill and wits? Or perhaps you prefer role-playing as your favourite couple from Game of Thrones or is it House of Cards? Whatever it is, have fun enacting some of your favourite scenes or even better, create your own! Alternatively, you can face off in a dance battle. Convert your living space into a ballroom and bust some killer moves.

  6. Treasure Hunt

    Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? Val’s day is a great time to share gifts with your partner. While the gifts might be appreciated, you can score a dozen extra points if you make the gifting process fun. Who doesn’t love an adventure? Pretend to be a pirate with a treasure map who must brave perilous waters and obstacles to reach buried treasure: your gifts. Whatever gifts you decide on, remember, X marks the spot.

  7. Reminisce, Reflect and Reinforce

    Go through old photos, messages, clothing items. Relive the spark that ignited your relationship. Reflect on how far you’ve come and how long you’ve got to go. Reinforce your commitments to each other. More important than the rest, this offers significant value to you as a couple as you not only get to relive the past, but you get to forge forward. It’s a good time to appreciate the subtleties that define you and your partner.

The most important takeaway from all the ideas presented here is to have fun, lots and lots of fun. Love is neither a routine nor a chore and you don’t need to make it so. Be spontaneous and unique and we can’t stress this enough, have fun. Happy Val’s Day!