Moving into a new house or apartment or deciding to do a rehaul of your home creates the opportunity to explore interior decorating. If you have watched a lot of homestyle TV shows you may feel like it will probably be an easy task, but the truth is home décor is an art. Regardless of your level of expertise or if you are decorating on a budget, you will have a great start knowing decorating mistakes not to make as you embark on making your home more welcoming and comfortable. Here are 6 decorating faux-pas to avoid:

  1. Don’t Be Tacky

    Maybe you love red or zebra print, but that doesn’t mean you need to drench your home in it. Room-by-room or overall, select a theme that can flow well from one space to the next and that features one element of something you like. If it’s a colour, pick about three statement items across the space that work together. Avoid being matchy-matchy. Having the same colour or fabric on all furniture and toss pillows and as curtains are appalling. Everything should coordinate but mix sparingly to add interest.

    meQasa Decorating Mistakes


  2. Avoid Bad Lighting

    Poor lighting changes a home for the worst as great lighting adds so much life and space to the place. You may not have thought about bad lighting as decorating mistakes. Not having enough lights casts a dimness over the space creating a feeling that is not warm and open. Lighting should be layered and come from a few different sources. Buy nice and bright overhead lights and also mix in other accent lights like side-table lamps or recessed lights.

  3. Don’t Overdo It

    Too much of anything is bad. It’s lovely to add character to your home’s walls but it’s also advisable to allow some breathing room. Do not decorate every wall with art and pictures. This only creates a feeling of clutter. Select some walls for a photo wall for instance and let the others be.
    meQasa Decorating Mistakes

  4. Size Matters

    A key part of good interior décor is knowing how to work with size. Every house and every room is different and as you plan your decorating, it is necessary to take into account the scale and proportion of the space and how various elements will work best. It’s a smart idea to measure your space so you don’t end up at a store buying furniture pieces that are too big or too small. Furniture that is too large makes the room look small and cluttered, just as a new rug that is too small can look silly. An area rug should touch the furniture. Ensure symmetry by making sure your furniture is all about the same size as well.

  5. Be Functional

    Once upon a time having a sofa was enough. And then came throw pillows, and people went overboard. Toss pillows make a living room and bed look cozy and inviting but too many toss pillows spoil the look and functionality of the furniture. Too many times guests are uncomfortable trying to sit on your coach and many a husband are still scratching their heads as to why all those pillows are necessary. Less is more.

    meQasa Decorating Mistakes

Decoration your home can be fun but remember that in addition to going for a chic look, your goal should be to enhance functionality and comfort. Avoid these home décor errors and decorating mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to a home everyone will enjoy visiting or living in.