Is your house that secured? Electric fencing is one of the most common ways Ghanaians protect their homes against burglary. What other ways exist to keep your homes secure? This post should serve as an assessment and suggest ways that you can follow to keep your home safe.

  1. Keep one or more dogs. Many homeowners have a dog at home to keep them safe. Even their presence or their bark can keep burglars away. There are several breeds of dogs that can keep your home safe including the Rottweiler, Boerboel, Dobberman or other local breed.
  2. Outdoor lights and locks. Replace all exterior lights if they are old and not working. Dark places serve as dens for burglars who may hide in these places and watch while you move. Burglars can easily break weak locks and enter your home.
  3. Keep your hedges tidy. Long shrubs and hedges are places where burglars can hide easily. Tall trees and shrubs around windows and doors are even more dangerous since they can easily climb them to enter your home, therefore the need to keep them trimmed at all times.
  4. Fix your alarm. Burglar alarm systems are silent alarms fixed inside the house to signal the police of ongoing burglary in your property. There are other software applications that you can use to warn the police about ongoing burglary in your home.


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  1. Keep a directory of emergency contacts. Know all emergency numbers. Have them on your finger tips and teach them to your children too. It is also important to take them through a drill that they will perform in case the emergency happens in your absence.

Are there other ways of keeping your homes safe that is not on this list? Share them with us.