5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

You have property ready to sell or rent out. Great! Perhaps it’s an investment property or you have a home in Ghana but live abroad. Whichever the case, the task ahead of trying to sell your house is not an easy one. It takes time, commitment, resources, knowledge about the market and some solid marketing skills.

Sure you are tops in your career field; you are confident and eloquent; maybe even have tons of friends, but that doesn’t mean you are up to the tasking of finding a buyer or tenant by yourself. Going the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route is no joke. But an agent will cost me 5% of my sale price, you’re thinking. Well, here’s why hiring a seller’s agent is worth it.

  1. Agents Are Connected

    Real estate agents have a fantastic professional network of several other agents who have available properties across the country, service professionals like bankers, architects, handymen and interior designers and they have a database of serious home seekers as well. Working with an agent, therefore, means that you can get your property in the best shape for a big sale and sell your house much faster.


  3. Agents are Knowledgeable

    Having assisted many to sell properties and find renters, also serving as neighbourhood experts, estate agents are a superb guidance resource. They can help you find the average price other real estates in the area sell or rent for and if you are a seeker considering moving into a particular vicinity, they can provide a lot of detail on neighbourhood amenities and other intel about the place. You want to work with someone who has local knowledge and expertise.

  4. Agents are Marketers

    If you work with an agent, it is his/her responsibility to do everything they can to advertise your available property to as many potential buyers/tenants as possible. They will employ their best online and offline marketing strategies to get the word out to sell your house. Realtors have become adept at using social media to market properties and the very clever ones invest in banner ads on property websites with solid traffic. They will take photos of your property, register on Ghana’s best property search websites, write top-notch property listings and manage leads. This takes time and skill that you may not be able to handle.

  5. Agents are Committed

    Real estate agents wake up every day with one goal in mind: to find you potential buyers or tenants. As you have your life to live, perhaps a family, travel, school or work, you may not have the time to work on this daily. These professionals will find people interested in your property, communicate with them, schedule and conduct showings. They will answer all questions and concerns about your property, without bothering you until there is an offer on your property. By making your property their top priority, they get closer to getting their commission and more importantly, gaining future business referrals.

  6. Agents Have Solid Negotiating Skillsblack men shaking hands

    If you are selling your property, you want to get the best possible sale price for it. It can be hard to go back and forth negotiating with a potential buyer who isn’t scared to beat your price down. You might just give in sooner than later. If you are working with an estate agent and communicate your sale price floor, they are a lot better at handling the haggling to sell your house that can get uncomfortable.

As a seller, you want to aim for less days on market as potential buyers start to question when you property has been available for too long. Selling your own house or trying to find  tenant may not seem like the hardest job, but as you can now see, it is quite involved so we advise you find a quality real estate agent to help you move your property.

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