New Year’s Eve is a memorable event all over the world and everybody has a way of celebrating it. For instance, in the United Kingdom, one of the most exciting ways of celebrating this day is by converging at the Edinburgh City Centre, where there is singing, dancing, drinking and live music. The crowd begins a procession and they sing Auld Lang Syne as the New Year is ushered in. In Sydney, Australia, a lot of the people gather at the Sydney Harbour Bridge to watch the fireworks display near the water.

What are some of the exciting things to do on New Year’s Eve in Accra? Here is a compilation of the five most exciting places to be on New Year’s Eve.

Accra Sports Stadium

Ohene Djan Sports Stadium Accra New Year

The Accra Sports stadium hosts the biggest gathering of Christians in Accra on New Year’s Eve. The Stadium which is known for staging premier league matches serves as the converging point for Christians on 31st December, who meet there to sing, pray and worship their Maker. When the clock strikes midnight, there is dancing, jubilation and firework display in and around the Stadium.




Bloombar, Osu

For those looking for a more exciting night, Bloombar may be the place for you. This is where a lot of friends meet to drink, make merry and dance the old year away. Bloom bar has a very youthful and hip crowd and if that’s your scene, then your new year’s eve at Bloombar will be exactly what you need. The music is loud, the people are happy and it’s a good time all around. 

Osu Oxford Street

The Osu Oxford Street is one of the busiest commercial centres in Accra. It has a lot of the best restaurants, clubs and pubs. The Oxford streets on normal days have the busiest nightlife activities and on New Year’s Eve, it gets even busier with a ‘carnival’ on the street. Most of the pubs lined up near the street play music and people move from one pub to the other drinking and dancing to the music.

Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra

Golden Tulip Hotel Accra New Year


This is a four-star hotel located 10 minutes away from the Kotoka International Airport. On New Year’s Eve, the hotel organises one of the biggest concerts to round up the year. There is live music and comedy, and at 12 midnight, there is the beautiful firework display in the capital of Accra.




Laboma Beach 

Laboma Beach is the venue for a lot of Christmas activities this year. For New Years, there is bound to be good music, a bonfire, and dancing. The beach is pretty much in the middle of the city and easily accessible via Uber. The beach is not far from Osu so you could start out at Osu and end your night at Laboma.

These are some of the exciting places to be in Accra on New Year’s Eve, but if you know other places, do share with us.