The bathroom of a house is one of the key rooms people look at closely during their property search, and use as a deciding point. Whether you live in an apartment for rent or you just bought a new home, bathroom specifications might be one thing you had no control over, but you can always compensate by injecting some style into your decor. Here are 5 easy ways to give your bathroom a new freshness and look.

  1. Re-paint

The restroom of a rented apartment may have been used by a number of people so this is your chance to make it yours. Adding a fresh coat of paint always breathes new life into it and signifies a fresh beginning. Use colours that help you relax like neutrals which add a clean feel. You can also add a pop of colour with an accent wall that stands out with bright paint or wallpaper.

  1. Incorporate a mirror

meQasa Bathroom IdeasWhether you have a large and spacious bathroom or a tiny bathroom, there is always space for a mirror. A mirror comes in handy when applying some shaving cream before a bath or checking how well you cleaned your teeth after brushing. A stylish mirror does the trick of making a space appear larger and contemporary.

  1. Invest in a shelf or a basket

If you have a tiny washroom with no space to keep your toiletries, a shelf (or etagere) would be a much needed addition. For a vintage feel, a made-in-Ghana wicker or cane basket can be used instead. Having your toiletries in one place saves you time and keeps the entire place organised, plus you can arrange your stuff in a manner that adds allure.

  1. Pick a trendy shower curtain

Getting a snazzy new shower curtain can upgrade the look and feel of the entire bathroom. If your bath room is pretty plain, you can select a catchy pattern and go with one with unique hooks like rhinestones or to match your bathroom theme, which may be beachy or dark and masculine.

  1. Acquire a luxurious high quality towel

meQasa Bathroom IdeasA towel completes the entire restroom experience. Stringy towels which do not soak moisture are a total pain and disappointment. If there is one item in the bathroom that can pamper you and stimulate relaxation, it is the towel. Remember to invest in a fluffy one so that when you or guests use it before they exit, it leaves a lasting impression. Want to go a stylish step further? Get a monogrammed towel!


Because the bathroom is one of the most intimate parts of the house, keeping it sassy and clean is a must. Remember, the decor, accessories and colour make a great difference. Your revamping exercise doesn’t have to end in the bathroom. Spread the style to other areas of your home.