5 Great Ideas To Bring Your Walls To Life

Walls are virtually blank canvasses waiting to come alive with colour. The days of having grey and drab walls are slowly fading. Walls have a way of breathing life into spaces and can contribute greatly to home décor. Whether you want to make a statement or are just tired of staring at boring and expressionless walls, here are some cool ways to make them vibrant!

1. Creative Wall Painting

Modern-day wall paint trends have shifted from one-colour themed walls to a beautiful mix of complementary wall colours that are pleasing to the eye. Be it an office or home, creative wall paint can either reflect a chic or sophisticated taste or bring a relaxed atmosphere into your space. Colour blocking paint patterns seem to be quite popular in recent times.


creative painting wall

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colour block walls

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2. Framed Wall Paintings/Photos

If you love clean walls in neutral colours, framed wall photos of beautiful artwork, family photos or DIY paintings can transform and add personality to your space. A simple oversized wall photo can also transform the space and make it appear chic and elegant. Make sure they are artfully positioned and coordinated with other furnishings to add style to your home décor.


photos (wall ideas)

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Wall Paintings ( Ideas)

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3. Iconic Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a trendy way to transform your wall décor. There is a myriad of prints, patterns and colours to choose from. Fine textures create more space hence, they are ideal if you have a small room. Large prints in wallpapers, on the other hand, add a lot of visual interest. Get patterns or colours that reflect and suit your taste. Maps or a plain canvass they can draw on can also be used as wallpaper in the rooms of children, as they can facilitate learning in a fun way!

Kids map wallpaper 2

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Wallpaper ( ideas)

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4. Mount or Attach a Bookshelf

Attaching a bookshelf to your wall can be of both functional and aesthetic value since they can help you create extra space in your home or office decor. They can either be placed against or mounted on the wall. Mounting bookshelves on walls are also a way to declutter and help you organise your space. Modern bookshelves come with very great designs that can contribute to your home décor. Be sure they are safely and securely mounted to prevent any home casualties.

Wall Bookcases

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Wall bookcases 2

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5. Mirrored Walls

Attaching mirrors all over the wall is the easiest way to add style and depth to your home. Mirrored walls have a way of adding space because they already reflect what exists in the room and also do not intrude on your home décor. This is a perfect idea if you live in a small apartment.

Mirror ( Wall post)

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mirrored wall 2

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With these ideas, you can get started on transforming your walls. Whether you have just moved into a new rental space or want to revamp your old space, any of these options are sure to help. Some can be fun DIY projects while others might require professional help. Whichever way, they will add beauty and interest to your space.