Pets You Should Consider Having In Your Home

Centuries ago, before we developed our tools to be automated or the concept of pets, households started domesticating animals to serve as food and as tools for helping with their daily activities and chores. For instance, the ox was used to help plough the farmer’s field, and for meat; the horse was used for transport of people and goods, and for meat; the dog was used to provide security both as an alarm giver and intruder deterrent and in some places, for meat… The list is endless.

Over the years, we have come to appreciate the value of pets as companions and to accept them as extensions of our human families. So ubiquitous are pets today, a home hardly seems complete without at least one furry, feathery or scaly friend lurking somewhere within. It is difficult for some people to select one pet since all the types are so appealing. We’d like to help out in that. Here are a few popular ones you could choose:

Dogs as Pets

“Man’s best friend”, as it is said. Dogs are great pets to have around the house. They come in different breeds colours, cuteness and fierceness. Some of them are so smart they can be trained to do really high-level things like going to find your remote control and bringing it to you when you feel too lazy to do it yourself. Dogs are very affectionate pets who love to please their owners and also provide security against intruders or unwelcome people in the house. If you have children around the house, a Golden retriever would be a good breed of dog to get, as they are very gentle and friendly with children.

For security, Dobermans and Alsatians (German Shepherds) are a great breed to keep. Poodles, shitzus, and chihuahuas, among others, are also great breeds of dog for those people who just can’t resist their cuteness and playfulness. Dogs are great companions, among the best protectors, very good with children, not very expensive to acquire, and even less to keep. It is little wonder they are among the most kept pets the world over. They do require some care though, like regular morning and evening walks, and up to date vaccinations.


Keeping cats as pets

Obviously. Some would say the cat in their home is not their pet; but rather the inverse is true because of their independent nature. Cats are such cuddly creatures, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Some cats have attitude acting all regal and pompous not wanting to be petted sometimes; others can always be found brushing against you prompting you for a rubdown or some strokes. Whatever the kind of cat you get, you can be certain it will have a quite interesting personality, which it will infuse with your home in a nice way.

Cats have, traditionally, been known to keep mice and other rodents away from the domicile, so if you have a pest problem, you might want to look into getting yourself a “mouse-hound” from the diverse domestic furry feline family of cats. As an added bonus, they clean themselves. All you need is a litter box.


Parrots as pets

For the more sophisticated pet owner, birds can be just as social as dogs, but less physical. They are easy to breed and do not require too much effort to clean up. The pigeon is a nice breed of domestic bird to keep as a pet in the home. After you have gotten them used to your home’s surroundings, you can let them fly around the house for some weeks before you let them out. Don’t worry, they have a homing system that allows them to always find their way back home to you. Parrots are also quite amazing for their fascinating talent of mimicking the speech sounds they hear. You can teach them really funny phrases and watch your guests be entertained when they display their speech skills during visits.


Keeping fish as Pets at home

These are a more challenging pet to keep. Some species of fish require attention from the type of environment in which they are placed (freshwater or saltwater) to the regularity of their feed and cleaning. This aside, they are a delight to have in your home. They liven up the place and are also relaxing to watch. Not only do they help keep you focused (with the strict feeding and cleaning times), but also the aquarium in which you keep them adds some natural décor to your living areas.

Even though the goldfish seems the most popular type of pet fish to keep, there are several other species to choose from. Fish have great personalities, which are interesting to observe. You could spend hours on end just watching them interact with each other and with the other contents of the tank or aquarium. If you’re the attentive and stylish type, a fish is definitely the pet for you. Many people are attracted by the quiet and gentle fish as a roommate and companion. Fish make great pets. It’s no surprise more and more Ghanaians are getting aquariums in their homes.

A home without a pet doesn’t feel as welcoming and complete as one that has one or more. Have some fun experiences with your pets you’d like to share? Please do so in the comments below.