Purchasing a home is an expensive investment everybody has to make at some point in life. Before buying a home, it’s fun to browse what is on the market, even if it is out of our budgets and especially to get a sense of the worth of properties. Whether it’s the most expensive house in Ghana or the most beautiful house in Ghana, it is entertaining to indulge our fantasies by checking out mind-boggling homes with OMG price tags to match. Here’s a compilation of thirteen of the most expensive Accra properties for sale on meQasa.com, for those seeking to buy high-end property in Ghana’s capital with impressive features.

1. $8 million 22 Bedroom House in Aburi

Luxurious $8 million townhouses for sale in Aburi.

Technically speaking, Aburi isn’t in Accra but it’s close enough and has the price tag to match we couldn’t help but include it. With 22 bedrooms, this property is ideal as a retreat for top business executives or an incredibly large family. It is even better to invest in it as a guest house. If you love exciting views, the vista of Accra and Tema this beautiful mansion offers is to die for. Conference rooms, lawn tennis court, large bedrooms, glorious kitchens and much, much more. This is an estate on its own. Check out all the spectacular features this beautiful and expensive Aburi house has to offer.

2. $3 million 8 Bedroom House at Airport Residential Area

Expensive $3 million Luxury House at Airport Residential Area

Rich Ghanaians and wealthy expatriates love living at Airport Residential Area and for good reason. It’s a prime residential area in Ghana and the properties here aren’t shy to flaunt it. Just like this oddly shaped and expensive house, boasting 8 large bedrooms, twin-garages, tiled outdoors and more. Click to see what else this 8 bedroom house for sale at Airport Residential Area as to offer.

3. $2.8 million Villa in the Airport Area

Expensive $1.4 million 6 Bedroom Furnished Villa for sale at Airport Hills

This jaw-dropping villa comes with not one, but three large fitted kitchens! Let’s double back. This eye candy of a home features four kingly ensuite bedrooms, a foyer overlooking an elegant pool and beautiful wood panelling that will stir within you a sense of refinement you didn’t know you had. The property’s pristine decor might just throw you into an unending fantasy loop. Let’s not even get started on all this villa has to offer. Steel yourself and check out this majestic villa for sale here.

4. $2.5 million 6 Bedroom House in East Legon

Expensive $2.5 million 6 Bedroom House for sale in East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Bathrooms are arguably the most important room in a home and this 6 bedroom breath-taker totally gets it. This work of art boasts majestic ensuite bathrooms you will love. That’s not all of it though, the East Legon property comes with a fully fitted kitchen, an expansive compound, a spacious living area and more. Fall in love with this East Legon beauty for sale here.

5. $2 million Furnished 9 Bedroom House in Sakumono

The sophistication and style that graces this fabulous 8 bedroom mansion is one we’re head over heels in love with. This dream home impresses with its elaborate interior, an expansive lawn area, a swan pond, regal bathrooms and so much more. Take a peek inside this grand house for sale at Sakumono.

6. $1.5 million 5 Bedroom House in East Legon

Expensive $1.5 million 5 Bedroom Mansion for sale in East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

Oh my! This fully furnished East Legon property is a killer on the eyes. Sitting on 1500 square metres, this imposing 2-storey property comes with 5 large bedrooms, a home bar, a spacious fully fitted kitchen, meticulously landscaped exterior, a garage and a tall list of “you-need-to-buy-me-now” features. Get a load of this beautiful East Legon house for sale here.

7. $1.4 million 6 Bedroom House at Trassaco

Expensive and beautiful $1.4 million 6 Bedroom House for sale at Trassaco Estates, Accra, Ghana.
If you’re looking for a property with a lot of outdoor space whose development is only limited by your imagination, this villa is perfection in disguise. Set in one of Ghana’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, this luxury home is ideal for raising a moderately sized family in the most comfortable atmosphere. See more of this Trasacco Estate property for sale here.

8. $1.2 million 5 Bedroom Mansion at Airport Hills


5 bedrooms feels like too little space to contain the essence of this alluring property. Sitting on an impressive stretch of land and featuring a functional theatre room, a stunning pool, an exquisite interior and large glass windows to ensure plenty of natural light, this lovely home is to die for and if we had to guess, slightly underpriced. See this million dollar property for sale at Airport Hills here.

9. $1.2 million 5 Bedroom House in East Legon

$1.2 million 5 Bedroom House for sale in East LegonSpace, space and more space. Spacious bedrooms, exterior, bathrooms, kitchen and even the powder room. Two living rooms, a pool, plus a secondary suite and more. What’s not to love about this 5 bedroom dream home nestled in the upscale East Legon neighbourhood? See this East Legon house for sale in full here.

10. $1.2 million Furnished 5 Bedroom House at Airport Hills

This 5 bedroom mansion located at Airport Hills comes fully furnished with all the trappings of luxury. It trumpets 5 very spacious rooms, a large open kitchen, a jacuzzi, and more you’d better appreciate better seeing yourself. Get a sense of this furnished 5 bedroom house for sale here.

11. $1.4 million 4 Bedroom House in East Legon

$1.4 million 4 Bedroom House for sale in East Legon, Accra, Ghana.

If basking in the glory of the sun and drinking in the beauty of the cool night sky overlooking lush greenery is how you envision life in your dream home, this upscale 4 bedroom East Legon property is right up your alley. The intriguing blocky design features large glass windows and exquisite wooden floorings. It also comes with a large garden complete with a tree house not just your kids but your childhood imaginations will adore. The property also features a pool and a huge rooftop terrace to unwind. See more of this East Legon house for sale here.

12. $1.5 million 5 Bedroom House at Airport Hills

$1.5 million 5 Bedroom House for sale at Airport Hills, Accra, Ghana.
Boasting a total of 8 bedrooms (three of which are staff quarters), this Airport Hills home is quite the spectacle. It features a swimming pool and a gym among others. This dream home only requires roofing and tiling and it’s all set to be occupied. See more of this near-complete Airport Hills home for sale here.

13. $1.4 million Furnished 6 Bedroom Townhouse in Labone

This list would be incomplete without a property from the opulent Labone suburb. The townhouse boasts 6 spacious bedrooms with elegant ensuite bathrooms, a multi-functional fitted kitchen and more.  This property employs very chic, minimalist elements in its design, preferring neat floor tiles and occasional wood finishings. Take a closer look at this furnished townhouse for sale in Labone here.

Seen a few high-end Accra properties you or someone you know would like to buy? Don’t be afraid to get in touch with the estate agent managing the property today to schedule a viewing and be on your way to owning your dream home. Also, remember to share this post with friends and family in the market for gorgeous property in Accra and beyond.

  • Hello, I’m an event manager and will like to know if any of these houses will be available for use as an adhoc event space this Christmas? Just for a night.

    • Jason Kpodo-Tay

      Hello TweetMeister, that really depends on whether or not the property is still available. Kindly contact the agents on the properties you’re most interested in. It’s highly likely that the properties (if available) will be rented out as an event space for your needs. Just contact the agents.