Accra has a number of distinct landmarks that add to the vibe and soul of this city. Landmarks are great for identifying places and can serve as symbols to represent a particular vicinity. If you are an indigene or tourist who cannot identify some of the spots on this list, it’s time to get out of the house and take a tour of Accra using our list as a guide. For the selfie lovers, you are bound to get great shots at these places.

    • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
      Landmarks. Kwame Nkrumah MausoleumThe Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum is a national treasure that is dedicated to the first president and founder of Ghana. The structure is beautifully designed and has a full figure statue of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The mausoleum houses the remains of the former president, his wife as well as other personal effects and photographs from his days as president. Located on Accra High Street, this landmark is important to Ghanaian history and you should be headed there if you have never visited.Landmarks.Black Star Monument


    • Black Star Monument
      One of Ghana’s most prominent landmarks, the Black Star Monument is an iconic edifice that stands as a symbol of Ghanaian and African independence from colonisation. With recent LED light installation, the monument is a sight to behold at night. It reflects the industrious and indomitable Ghanaian spirit and is a must-see landmark.


    • The Independence Arch
      Landmarks.Independence ArchThe Black Star Monument and the Independence Arch are both situated in Black Star Square on the Accra High Street. The square has stands with a 30,000 people capacity and plays host to the annual Independence Day parade on 6th March. The towering arch is a very prominent feature in illustrations about Accra including trendy Snapchat app filters of the city.Landmarks.Holy trinity Cathedral


    • Holy Trinity Cathedral
      Originally built by the British and handed to the country after independence, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is a beautiful structure. Located on 28th February Road, Accra High Street, the 122 year old cathedral does not only serve religious purposes but gives insights into Accra’s history.


    • Flagstaff House
      Landmarks.Flagstaff House
      The Flagstaff House is the substantive office and residence for standing presidents of Ghana. The imposing structure is situated in Accra next to the Kanda Estate and is celebrated as one of the most beautiful presidential palaces according to an article on Completed in 2008, some claim its architectural design was inspired by the golden stool of the Ashanti Kingdom.


    • Jamestown Lighthouse
      Landmarks.Jamestown LighthouseThe red and white painted lighthouse in the scenic Jamestown definitely qualifies to be on this list.  Most people who visit Accra have been to the lighthouse. Built in the 1930’s, the colonial style lighthouse is one of Ghana’s great attractions. Climbing the stairs to the top offers a breath-taking panoramic view of Accra. If you love photography and culture, a trip to the old Jamestown Lighthouse will be worthwhile.


    • Christiansborg Castle
      Landmarks.Osu Castle
      The Christianborg Castle also known as the Osu Castle was the former seat of the Ghanaian presidency. It was built by the Danish people and named after King Christian IV of Denmark. Christiansborg is translated in English as “Christian’s fortress”. The Osu Castle is a part of the diversity and the rich blend of history Accra has to offer.
    • Landmarks. National Theatre


    • National Theatre
      Located in Accra’s central business district, the National Theatre is the go-to place for events, concerts and shows in Accra. With its beautiful architecture, designed like as ship as well as an easily identifiable location, the National Theatre is one of those landmarks that will be difficult to miss.


    • Trade Fair Centre, La
      Landmarks.Trade FairThe Ghana Trade Fair Centre is the largest fair ground in Ghana covering 127 acres of land. Though it could look a lot more attractive, it hosts shops, restaurants and many medium and small scale industries. The location and popularity of the centre has led to the entire vicinity including the residential parts, being informally referred to as “Trade Fair”.


  • Ghana National Mosque
    Landmarks.National Mosque Although not yet finished, the Ghana National Mosque has already made the mark and is bound to be a major sight and attraction upon completion. The sprawling structure stands out from all other buildings in the area. The architectural design of the estimated 3 million dollar mosque is said to be influenced by that of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque) and the Selimiye Mosque in Turkey. The mosque, a collaboration between the Ghanaian and Turkish government  is located in Kanda.

If you ever thought Accra was lacking in landmarks, we hope this list has proven you wrong. Grab your sunglasses, a camera and connect yourself to the Accra vibe as you visit these places. You would definitely have some great pictures to show and nice memories to go with it. If you know of any landmarks that didn’t make this list, feel free to tell us about it, in the comment section.